[NEBULA] export the cvs file of Cloud Authentication with a line command

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I need to export the cvs file of Cloud Authentication with a line command, I already use a macro with imacro for chrome, but i need to automatizate the process with a dos script or with some utility. There is a way?

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  • TomorrowOcean
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    Why do you need to use macro/script to export cloud authentication?
    There should already have import/export feature in that page on NCC.
    Or, you have many organizations?
    If I misunderstand what you mean, maybe you may share your motivation to have a script.
  • Mvellar
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    The mails that are in the cloud authentication are used for a mailing list, I would like to automatically synchronize the contacts, as every day there are new mails in the cloud authentication (it is a restaurant / bar), I am creating a program that updates the mail database of the utility that generates the newsletter.
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    Hi @Mvellar

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    We are already evaluating a feature and put it in our feature road map to fulfill this kind of scenario you mentioned.(Captive portal with self-registration)
    I will move this post to idea section and monitor the Likes and comments.


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