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There seem to be a little bug in the eventlog filter section.

When going to the page, everything works fine, the date is set to today and "before 12:31" (current time).
So far so good, when you mess around and change filters, sorting data etc. the time remains to be "before 12:31", even if it is now 12:44 , which means new entries wont show up. You cant set time to "before 12:45" since it is in the future, nor can you set time that arent 00/15/30/45
Only way to resort this is to reload page and lose filters 
There must be a better way to do this ?

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    How about use Newer button?
    It works for me to refresh the page without losing filters.
    Also, because it refreshes the page, the time filter will be updated.

    Hope it also works for you.  ;)

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