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paulb Posts: 16  Freshman Member
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is there any method to block/blacklist a device/user on a nebula operated switch or NSG?



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  • Nebula_Jonas
    Nebula_Jonas Posts: 181  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @paulb,

    Yes, there is method on both devices.
    Reminder: Click the "Save" button after the modification.

    Switch: create an ACL deny rule to block the specific device/user.
    Located at Switch > Configure > ACL

    NSG: create firewall rule to block the specific device/user.
    Located at Security gateway > Configure > Firewall

    Hope it helps.
  • Alfonso
    Alfonso Posts: 257  Master Member
    I suppose the first method is the only effective way to do it.
    The second one could be allowing the flows with other devices in the same vlan (unless the device would be connected directly to the NSG).
    Also some specifics attack (as layer two attacks) could be done (DHCP poison, ARP poison ...).

    So I always recommend block the device directly in the switch.

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