It is not very convenient to check the password of Nebula device....

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This little question bothers me for quite some time, so I come here to find if anyone has better way to solve.

When every time I use Remote access in Live tools, I always need to go to Site-wide page to check/copy the password.
I just think it cost me extra time when I need troubleshooting urgently...time is money  :/

I know you might say something like "just reconfigure a password you easy to remember" or "save the password in notepad or somewhere in my PC", but I just want to leave it as random as default and I don't think it will spend fewer time to open another file from PC.

Any advice is appreciate. 

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  • Clark91
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    Totally agreed, I thought I'm the only one who having this trouble.   :'(
    It does really need some time to go to the other page just to check/configure for the local device password then go back to the device page to remote access and proceed for troubleshooting. 

    I think it will be better if Nebula team could think of other method to make it more convenient to use and save some unnecessary steps. Because in the line of supporting customers, that unnecessary step could lose one customer. 

    By the way, another thing about the PoE schedule, I thought that this button is to setup the schedule time, but it is not. No offense, a little time is wasted just to realized that this is only a profile which have to configure in the other page called "PoE schedules"........

    Looking forward for some improvement in the future.

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    Hi @AlexR @Clark91 ,

    Truly appreciate for sharing your experience to us, this post will be transfer to our idea section to let other user know about this information and leave a like/comment.


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