MSP Portal: see all of sites (regardless of org) in a single view

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It would be very useful to see the Site information we see in Organization-Wide -> Overview -> Sites which display the Site Heath, Tag, Number of Devices, Usager, Clients, etc. directly within the MSP Portal view.

My screenshot only has 1 site to to this being a test account, but if I had 5 or 10 sites I would see this same information for each site in lines below the first one.

Due to your upcoming licensing which is org based (and not site based), we have been recommended to create 1 ORG per customer. Most of our customers will only have 1 site. So we will have as many orgs as we have sites. This means of lot of clicking and page loading to be able to see the information (site Health Tag, etc.) for each site, and we don't have anywhere in the portal where we can see the site status and key metrics for multiple orgs. Having all of the sites (with an additional Organization column to know which org the site belongs to) in a single page (probably in the MSP portal page) would allow us to see ALL sites from a single screen, regarless of the ORG structures. 

This wouldn't be an issue if the licensing were not ORG based -- we could have 1 single org and 1 site per customer and see all of the site statuses via Organization-Wide -> Overview -> Sites (like we can now).

Today, in the MSP portal, we see the licensing information for each org, and the number of sites per org, but we can't tell the state of health of sites from there.

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