Add simple Block Policy on the Clients Home Page

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At the moment there is no simple block IP or MAC Address option that can be used for parental control when NG100 Firewalls are used in home environments due to the fast speeds from some providers now bringing Up to 500Mb into the home via Fibre. We have clients that one to simple drop internet for users on a timed basis. The only way I have managed to do this is via a clumsy Firewall Rule using Schedules. If there was a way to create a single Policy (Block) that had the ability to reference a schedule (i.e. till midnight) we could just select the client and use the green Policy Button to apply the custom Block till Midnight policy. Client would be blocked and user would have their parental control that is in place on most BT Routers now for now charge.


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    The clumsy firewall rule can work with the schedule profile, which is in the Security gateway>Firewall then roll down.

    Apply it to the firewall rule after create the schedule profile.

    You can also use static DHCP in interface which can make sure every time the client use the same IP address for better experience of parental control. :)


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