USG FLEX Frequently Asked Questions

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The following sections cover product portfolio, license service, and more.

Part1 Product Portfolio

Q1: Why USG FLEX? 
Zyxel is proud to announce the completely new ZyWALL USG FLEX series, tailored-made for SMB customer who is looking for worry-free security protection. Packed with top-notch threat intelligence, high-performance UTM throughput, and flexible licensing options, USG FLEX is a competitive package that fulfills different needs: security protection, building encrypted tunnels between offices, and managing hospitality network with wireless access points. 

Q2: How do I select the right product?

For those who familiar with ZyWALL USG series, here is the model mapping of USG FLEX vs. USG:

For more information, please visit the Zyxel Product Selector. 

Q3: Do you offer non-bundled USG FLEX?
Yes, we do provide hardware only for customers who do not need full-blown UTM functions and focus more on the firewall, VPN, or hospitality gateway features. Here is the model mapping:

Part2 License Service 

Q4: How to buy/where to purchase a license?

You can purchase from our local resellers or go directly to our new E-commerce platform Marketplace after the 1st of July, 2020.

Q5: Can I buy a single license service?
Yes, you can choose a single license including Web-filtering, Anti-Malware, SecuReporter Premium, Managed AP Service, Hotspot Management (USG FLEX 200/500 only), and Concurrent device(USG FLEX 500 only). Learn more about license details.


Q6: Can I activate individual service in bundle licenses one by one?
No, when purchasing a bundled license, once activated it will apply to all licenses at once. We bound “Link Product” and “Activate License“ together to simplify the license activation process.


Q7: What license migration plan is available from USG to USG FLEX?

We offer an easy migration plan for you to seamlessly migrate to the USG FLEX series. We will pick your existing USG license with the longest remaining time as a benchmark and extend other USG licenses to that benchmark for free, and then migrate it to a 6-in-1 USG FLEX license pack. This is a one-time offer for every USG you own. Learn more information here.


Q8: How to migrate the licenses from USG to USG FLEX on MZC?

1.       Go to and login with your account

2.       Go to Device Management > My Device to select the USG gateway you want to migrate.

3.       Go to Linked Services to migrate either UTM or time-based single license to USG FLEX. Click the Submit button to complete

*Once you have migrated licenses successfully, your USG licenses will no longer exist in USG devices.


Q9: Why do I still have SecuRepoter on my USG series after migration to USG FLEX?
It’s a benefit for you to have our network reporting on your USG device. It doesn’t affect the use of SecuReporter on your USG FLEX.


Q10: After I migrated the license to USG FLEX from the USG series, can I transfer the licenses back to the USG series?

No, the license migration is irreversible.


Q11: Can I transfer the bundled license one by one from USG FLEX to other USG FLEX device?

No, the bundled license cannot transfer one by one including the UTM bundle, Hospitality bundle, and web filtering with Email security.


Q12: Are all USG FLEX licenses transferable?

Quantity based license including Managed AP and concurrent device upgrade, the behavior is the same with existing quantity-based license and can be transferred to another product line such as ATP series and USG series. Single licenses like Anti-malware can be transferred to the same level device. However, the Hotspot Management license (perpetual) is not transferable.


Q13: Can I link the USG licenses which are not activated on the USG FLEX device directly? 

No, but you can go to myZyxel to link the USG device and activate that first, then migrate to USG FLEX devices.


Q14: What’s the mapping name of the UTM service between USG and USG FLEX?

Q15: On USG FLEX, will the UTM bundle license have fully unlocked AP like ATP gold security pack?

No, you need to buy Secure WiFi license or Gold Security Pack to unlock AP management.


Q16: One-time upgrade licenses (SSL), can I still buy upgrades to increase capacity like the USG? 

No, on USG FLEX, you have the full of unlocked SSL VPN without buying licenses. We also have an increased number of Concurrent SSL VPN Connections based on the high demand for WFH. The Number of SSL VPN Users: USG FLEX 100: 30, USG FLEX 200: 60, USG FLEX500: 150.