NSG - Muptiple WAN and LAN IP addresses - Feature request

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We've got a case where the customer have 3 IP-addresses from their ISP.
They would like to use one as primary address and the other two as 1:1 NAT addresses.
But it's not possible to configure multiple WAN1 IP addresses in Nebula.

We've also got customers with multiple IP subnets within the same VLAN (default VLAN).
For example: and
In the USG series firewall we could add more IP addresses to the LAN1 interface (without having more VLAN:s).
But here it's not possible to have both and as IP addresses of the LAN1 interface.


  • miestermann

    Not sure about adding multiple IPs on the same LAN1 interface with USG series firewall. That doesn't sound like a good idea though. Best practice is to place each subnet on a different VLAN. Whats the use case?

    I second the need for more control over WAN addressing.

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