Multiple subnets via VPN between NSG100 and USG60

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I would like to setup VPN connection between two devices: NSG100 and USG60. 
On NSG 100 i have configured:

LAN1 Interface -
VLAN17 -

On USG60 i have:

LAN1 Interface -
VLAN248 -

My VPN works but only networks attached to physical interfaces can communicate. Example - I can't communicate from VLAN 17 to USG60 LAN1 Interface. 
Is it any way to configure connection and traffic between additional networks / VLANs?

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    Welcome to the community! =)
    Did you configure the routing policy in USG?
    You will need to add policy route in order  to redirect the VLAN248 traffic to VPN tunnel, for instance:
    Source: VLAN248, Destination: interface: tunnel, next hop: VPN tunnel name
    Source:, Destination: interface: tunnel, next hop: VPN tunnel name
    Hope it can help.


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