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I have an NSG100 and 11 NSG50s. When I log into the website (doesn't matter which browser) I can view some information, but for the last month or so my Security Gateway-->Monitor--> Clients NEVER loads. I cannot see the clients connected as I used to be able to see. 

I have cleared all cookies, cache, everything. I even installed a new browser I have never used on my computer and still is just tried to load the USAGE for the last 2 hours and never gets past that.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there something MORE I needed to do for this to work? I normally use Google Chrome, but I have the same issue with Edge and Firefox. 


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    Hi @Falrath41 ,

    Does the issue happen if you use another PC?
    If the issue only happen to the specific PC, please help to check the time on the PC.
    We have another user encountered the same symptom that the client page couldn't display correctly, but it works well with same account on other PCs.
    We finally found that the time of PC was wrong, after correcting the time, everything back to normal.

    Hope it helps.

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