WAP6807 - Need to know how to setup Bridge between 2 devices

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I enter into the device and can´t see any menu about how to change between different working modes.
Can you help me with this?

Currently is in 

Repeater mode (EasyMesh Enable)

Firmware VersionV1.00(ABTB.1)b11_C0


  • YeK
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    Hi Sir,

    May I know where you get the WAP6807? And who is your service provider? This device was sold ISP currently, all configurations depends on ISP’s request. So I assume you can ask your ISP for help.

  • Matiassotelo1989

    Hello I need help with WAP6807 devices, mpromesh app does not connect with the devices. My Firmware Version 1.00 (ABTB.0) b3. What I can do?

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