How to optimize wireless performance on 2.4 GHz?

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Suggestion 1: Configure the DCS of channel selection.

Suggestion 2: Separate the managed VLAN and SSID VLAN to avoid broadcast packet interfere the data packet transmit.

A large subnet increases broadcast and multicast traffic, which also raises the amount of packet collisions and reduces the airtime fairness rate to slow down the network.

Suggestion 3: Configure the channel width to 20 MHz on 2.4 GHz because there are more non-over lapping channels available when using 20 MHz.

suggestion 4: If AP has enough wireless coverage and signal, then you can adjust the multicast rate from 5.5 Mbps to 12 Mbps on the NXC controller.

Go to Configuration > Object > AP profile > Radio. Edit the radio profile of 2.4 GHz in Show Advanced Settings: Multicast Settings.

Suggestion 5: Enable the Signal threshold. It can avoid the station connect the AP with poor signal and get the low throughput. (The value suggestion like Station Signal Threshold: -70 dBm, Disassociated Station Threshold: -75dBm. The value is for reference. It is need to adjust in the real case.)