Why can the AP be connected with more than one station with load balancing?

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The wireless load balancing function is designed to delay the responses to client probe requests when the AP is overloaded. 

New clients could eventually associate with the AP if there is no other AP to connect to or they always choose to connect to the same AP.

The difference is enabling or disabling Disassociate station when overloaded function on AP.

Its mechanism is described as following:

  1. When the AP is overloaded, the system checks all associated stations’ idle times, and selects the longest idle one as the victim.
  2. If the system can’t find the longest idle station, it will select the station with the minimum signal strength.
  3. If a selected station matches the above cases but it has been existed in the “kicked cache” (it means the station had been kicked out recently), the system will select another station to kick out.

If the station always chooses to connect the same AP when the AO is overload, the AP delays sending probe and authentication response to disassociated stations up to 3 times.

Disassociated station is allowed to reconnect after 3 times.