When creating 1:1 NAT rules for local hosts, these local hosts become unreachable through VPN IPSec.

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The virtual server function is a "port forwarding" function. 
The 1:1 NAT function is "forwarding all traffic" to the local server. 
When using "1:1NAT", the traffic can't pass through to the tunnel because all traffic passes through the WAN interface.
In "packet flow explore", the priority of 1-1 SNAT is higher than site to sitesite-to-site VPN when 1:1 NAT is enabled.
To solve this problem, please reorganize the order of the routing priority.
For legacy models with ZLD 3.30 platform, use the following CLI command.
ip route control-virtual-server-rules activate
For new USG/ZyWALL series with ZLD 4.13, enable "Use Static-Dynamic Route to Control 1-1 NAT Route" on GUI.

Then the priority of Site To Site VPN becomes higher than 1-1 NAT route.