[Release Note] Nebula Control Center - Phase 10.1 software has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center

Release Note

Common NCC (Organization, Site-wide …etc.) enhancement:

  1. Organization owner now can transfer the whole ownership to another full administrator in the same organization.
  2. A new role called "Delegate owner" that shares the same privilege as the organization owner.
  3. Site admin or guest ambassador now can delete cloud authentication accounts who are either authorized to the same site only, or not authorized to any site.
  4. Organization-wide firmware upgrade function is added. (Pro-Pack feature)
  5. Configuration Template now supports Access Point. (Pro-Pack feature)
  6. Topology is now supported AP Smart Mesh. (Pro-Pack feature)
  7. Topology added two new options; rebooting the device and PoE port power cycling. (Pro-Pack feature)
  8. The avatar menu is enhanced to consolidate personalized settings includes a new feature called My Device that lists registered devices.
  9. MSP features are re-arranged to MSP menu for consistent UI design.
  10. Charts are now included in email reports. (Pro-Pack feature)

Wireless LAN (WLAN) enhancements:

  1. Support new AP models. The WAC500, WAC500H, WAC5302D-Sv2 and NWA1123ACv3 are added to Nebula in this release. WAC500, WAC500H and WAC5302D-Sv2 are NebulaFlex Pro AP that comes with 3 management modes - standalone, controller managed and Nebula cloud managed modes. It also has 1 year NCC Professional Pack license bundled. The NWA1123ACv3 is a NebulaFlex AP that supports standalone and Nebula cloud managed mode.
  2. Add Voucher support in Sign-in methods for hotspot solution. (Pro-Pack feature)
  3. Smart Mesh settings of an individual Access Point can now override global settings.
  4. The performance to configure device with a large amount of DPPSK keys is enhanced. (Pro-Pack feature)
  5. Response time of Current stations in live tool is enhanced.

Switching enhancements:

  1. Switch port filter usability is enhanced.

Security Gateway enhancements:

  1. Content Filter engine is changed to McAfee that provides categories that are more comprehensive. (Sec-Pack feature)
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