How can users release IPs from the DHCP pool?

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There is no command or function to clear the DHCP pool when the pool is full.

The nearest method would be to shorten the lease time and re-open the DHCP server or reboot the NXC.

Re-opening the DHCP will interrupt the service for a while, but all the IPs will be released from the DHCP server.

1. Shorten the lease time. 

2. After finish the setting, reboot the NXC.
or if you don't want to reboot the NXC, you can do as below
2. After finish the setting, disable the radio

3. Disable the DHCP server. 
Remember the settings of the DHCP server and set DHCP to "none". Press "Apply".

4. Set DHCP to "DHCP server" again and enter the configuration.
5. Enable the radio.