Hi, I am completely a novice and want help to set up access point NWA1123-AC Pro

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I have registered on NCC and the dash board says that nothing is connected.
I downloaded the Nebula App on my mobile and have registered the access point

Dashboard screen below:

The management light on the actual access point is flashing green and orange.
I have connected the access pointg to the network by cable.

How do i connect to this device?

Please respond in plain english and easy to follow procedures.


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    Hi @SA_11 ,
    The green and orange LED on the AP means to search the NCC to connect after the AP booted up.
    Please following below steps for checking:
    1. Is the firewall rule to block the port and FQDN which listed in the HELP> firewall information?

    2. Did the AP get an IP address from the DHCP server or set a static IP? If it's DHCP server, you can download the ZON utility to check if the AP got an IP address. Here's the ZON utility for your reference. https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/Zyxel-ONE-Network-Utility-ZON-Utility/

    3. If above two items are checked without problem, please help to do below steps to collect the connection status of the AP and NCC to us. You may PM it to me.

       3-1. Remote to the AP via SSH and enter the default account/password to log in the AP.
       3-2. Please record the log by executing below commands on the terminal. 
               Router> show nebula internet status
               Router> show nebula cloud status
               Router> show ca category local
               Router> show cloud-cert fingerprint
               Router> _debug nebula level 3
               Router> _debug nebula save-file 0
               Router> sshcon enable
       3-3. After 10 minutes, please execute below commands on the terminal
               Router> _debug nebula level 0
               Router> sshcon disable


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