Why is the system time back to default even after saving and rebooting the Zyxel Switch?

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Note: Remember to save the configuration after modifying the device.
Zyxel switch doesn't have the CMOS chip (real time clock chip) embedded on the motherboard that could preserve the time information in the NVRAM, therefore after saving and rebooting the Zyxel Switch the system time will reset back to default.

To fixedly set the system time of a Zyxel Switch, it will need an NTP server to sync with. 
Please following the steps below:

For GS1900 and GS1910 series:

1. You have to configure SNTP "Mode" to "Enable" and you have to choose time zone and adjust time zone (if needed) then click "Apply" to save the settings.

Figure 1. Configuration > System > Time

2. At Configuration > System > IP, the switch has to be configured for internet access.

Please make sure the switch can access the Internet before configuring SNTP server.

3. Additional you have to configure one SNTP-server  (example: or clock.stdtime.gov.tw)  then click "Apply"  to save the settings.

Figure 2. 
Configuration > System > Time > SNTP Server

4. Now the date/time settings will be updated by NTP-server.

For layer 2 and layer 3 Zyxel switches:

1. Configure the "Use Time Server when Bootpup" to which setup do you prefer, enter the IP address of your time server and modify the time zone (if needed) then click "Apply" to save the settings.

Please refer to the "?Help" page button on the upper right corner for the specific details of the category.

Figure 3. Basic Setting > General Setup

2. Now the date/time settings will be updated by NTP-server.