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Hey guys

I don't have any issues setting up in Nebula or getting the clients connected. But once connected it all goes wrong, on every machine I have had to add a route add command so the machines can see the remote network such as below...

route add mask

I have added batch files in machines startup folders but this isn't a great long term solution, any ideas what I need to do or is this the norm using Windows VPN client?

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  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Can you be ensure if those L2TP profiles has enable the "Use default gateway on remote network" in advanced TCP/IP settings?
    If not then activate the support request also the org./site name for me to check.  =)

  • Pook
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    Thanks Chris, I always leave this unchecked as from past experience it causes slow internet browsing but I will give it a try :-)

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