Aps randomly lose connection or restart every few hours

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Our APs seem to randomy disconnect or restart every few hours, in the event log it says that the Netconf connection is disconnected. They always go offline for like 2-4 minutes and afterwards everything's okay again.

I checked the connections and the LAN is stable and doesn't have any kind of connection issue.

I will attach the log for one of the APs, every AP has the same issue and more or less the same logs.

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  • Hi Rene_Sidler

    As you mentioned, your APs have the same connection issue.
    Did they disconnect at the same moment or not the same time?

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    Hi @Rene_Sidler

    Can you provide me your org/site name for me? Please also enable ZYXEL support. I will collect some logs to analyze.
    Help > Support request


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