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Dear Nebula Users,

We have identified an event of Nebula Switch being disconnected from NCC.
First of all, there’s no network operation impact at this time.
It only affects management and monitor services of the Nebula Switch devices by the network administrators.

If you encounter the following symptoms, please power cycle the NSW device to re-establish connection with NCC.
•          Device SYS and ALM indicators are blinking in green and red, respectively.
•          NSW is in offline status on NCC  
•          Received Switch offline alert email for disconnected devices 

You will encounter momentary network down time during power cycle, but the network will recover in 3~5 minutes after the NCC connection process is completed. We will release a new NSW firmware in the week of Oct 2nd to keep the issue from the recurrence. Nebula users can arrange an appropriate time to upgrade the new firmware.   
We apologize for any service impact and inconvenience caused. 

Kind Regards,
Nebula Support Team

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  • Dear Nebula Team. Where can i download the new firmware for the NSW100-28p? 

    Kind Regards

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    Hi @taurin300,

    Currently, you may upgrade the firmware for your device on the Nebula CC when there is a new firmware available for it.
    May you share the reason why you need to download the firmware?


    Click this link to start: https://bit.ly/3R2Wx52
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    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your Answer. I´ve troubles with 4 x NSG100-28p Switches. The First time when the 4 switch starts, i´ve seen them on the CC, but after a short time, they are offline. 2 of them are offline, but Networking is okay. When i start the other 2 switches, the ALM LED is blinking red and networking is not possible on all switches. it seems the switches are not up2date. In the CC the switches are not online and the have no IP.Adresses, but Internet Connection about the switches are possible. There are 4 NAP203 AP´s connect to the switches and they are already online(everytime)

    I´ve connect the switch1 - 4 with the uplink ports. switch1 with uplink port to switch2 to uplink port, switch2 with the uplink port to switch3 on the uplink port and so on. i have also tried to connect the switches to each other with the normal network ports but the problem still exists.(A Loop is not present!)

    Is there any Best Practice to Configure Nebula Switches or an Tutorial, my Experience with nebula is very small

    Do you have any Idea. I think an Firmware Update is the next step to fix this problem. Sorry for my English, is not so well :)

    Kind Regards,

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    I seen this cases too many times to count.
    99% of the time its a vlan misconfiguration.

    Restore offline switch management IP or vlan back to DHCP/untagged.
    Restore all individual switch port setting back to trunk / allow all vlan / native vlan =1.
    Make sure your gateway LAN interface has internet access.
    Factory reset the switch.

    Switch usually goes back online
  • Thanks for your answer. 

    I´ve not Configured any Vlans or Trunks. The Config from the switches are factory. there isn´t anyway  to make an Reset on nsw100-28p switches. i´ve called with the Zyxel support and the also haven´t any Idea. It´s look like an Hardware Failure because the ALM Led on 2 Switches is lightning red.
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    Hi @taurin300,

    Since Switch is not online(can't connect to Nebula CC), the ALM LED will be blinking red with SYS LED blinking green. It will let you see there is no IP on NCC because NCC can't get the complete information from the local device.

    From your description, it seems like your Switches can't connect to NCC after getting the new configuration from NCC.
    Please follow the step below to reset configuration.
    On NCC, hope you may create a new site, remove the Switch from the original site and add it to the new site.
    On device, you may press the reset button over 7 seconds which should be in the right side panel.

    You may also connect a PC to the Switch to make sure the Internet connection is OK.

    Hope it helps.

    Click this link to start: https://bit.ly/3R2Wx52

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