How can I use Nebula to configure MAC filtering for my NWA 1123 Pro AP?

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Hi I know how to configure MAC filtering using the web configurator.  But I have now switched to using Nebula and I see no way to configure MAC filtering there.  Where can I find it?

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  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @fissure ,
    You can do the MAC authentication via below two method.
    1. To add the blocked/whitelisted client MAC address in the Access point> Monitor> Clients. 

    2. To add the white list in Organization-wide/Site-wide> configuration> Cloud authentication, and then to enable the MAC-based Authentication in Access point> Configure> Authentication.

  • Hi, this looks like an advanced feature not available in the free version of nebula.  My trial period has already expired but I would like to configure whilelisted/blocked MAC addresses for my SSID.  

    Could you provide me with another trial period so that I can test this out?  

    Also I have a hard time figuring out the pricing for enabling advanced features for just my one access point.  Can you tell me what the pricing would be?
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    My nebula account is free version too although the function that Freda provided is advanced but I could assign policy to clients after they first connecting.
    Also, you can use another way to configure MAC address list.
    Go to Site-wide > Configure > Cloud authentication
    Choose MAC as the Account type then add the client's MAC.
    And my SSID uses MAC-based(Open) Nebula cloud authentication.
    Hope it helps!
  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @fissure ,
    Currently, the pre-configuration of the MAC filter is the feature of the pro-pack NCC, so you may try to configure it after the customer connects to the AP and check the client to edit the policy rule.

    Because the trial organization rule is available to open more than one organization for an account, if you want to pre-configure the MAC filter list, you may open a new trial organization and move one AP to check the feature. 

    To enable the advanced features, the NCC must be Professional Pack. You may check the price of the your organization for upgrading to the pro-pack NCC in Organization-wide> Configure> License management, and purchase the license points if you need.


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