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Hi Everyone,

One of my client wants to learn that how fast roaming will continue without Nebula(mean internet access actually) connection? 

I mean, let's consider that internet connection lost at some hotel which using just nebula dedicated access points, there is no hardware controller. So which device will be controller and how fast roaming will continue at this scenario?

Thanks a lot.

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    Hi @Zamazingo,

    Before 802.11r, the APs and client need to complete the 4-way handshake when they roaming. The 802.11r makes roaming faster by eliminating the need for 4-way handshake, so it's not related to the NCC but only between clients and APs. 
    When the Internet connection lost and the AP disconnected from the NCC, the client is not shown the connection information on the NCC, but it still can roaming between APs.

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