Nebula Status and Incidents Instruction

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Whenever you encounter a situation in which you experience a service interruption and you cannot access Nebula Control Center(NCC) at all:
  1. Check if a post has been published in this category:
    (a) Post will include the date and time (UTC+0) in its subject.
    (b) If a post exists meaning Zyxel HQ is already working on solving the issue.
    (c) You can follow this category and enable notification in your profile, so you can receive notification mail when there is a new post in this category.

    Enable notification:
  2. If you observed any issues that do not match the symptoms & risks mentioned in the post, please contact @Nebula_CSO via private message.
  3. If you are aware of outage on NCC but haven't seen any post in this category for 30 minutes, you may have a new post in the category "Discussion". If your organization is a Pro pack one, you may submit a new ticket or use Live chat on NCC.
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