Nebula Status and Incidents Instruction

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Whenever you encounter a situation in which you experience a service interruption and you cannot access Nebula Control Center(NCC) at all:

1. Check if a post has been published in this category:
  • Post will include the date and time (UTC+0) in its subject.
  • If a post exists meaning Zyxel HQ is already working on solving the issue.
  • You can enable notification in your profile, so you can receive notification mail when there is a new post in this category.
2. If you observed any issues that do not match the symptoms & risks mentioned in the post, please contact @Nebula_CSO via private message.

3. If you are aware of outage on NCC but haven't seen any post in this category for 30 minutes, you may have a new post in the category "Nebula". If your organization is a Pro pack one, you may submit a new ticket or use Live chat on NCC.