[NEBULA] [New Arrival] Easy way to become a Nebula Guru

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 :o Are you a fresher to Nebula? 
 :s No ideas how to start?
Don’t Panic! We got you a series of tutorial videos to let you learn how to use Nebula and set up your first Nebula network. Get ready with us! :) 

Getting Started
Nebula devices are built in intelligent LED indicators
to easily check the setting status through the device
front panel. Watch the LED tips.

Not a member yet? Let’s get
you a Nebula account and add
your first device to the cloud.
Watch now.

Add Devices
Have a bunch of devices?
Add them all at once! Follow
us using Nebula Mobile app to
add them to the cloud. Let’s go!

Get Wifi
Can’t wait to connect to
your own wifi? Let us show
you how to set up a SSID with
basic WPA2 pre-shared key.
Connect wifi now. 

Want to know what’s
going on in your network?
See how Nebula visualizes
your network.
View network.

Nebula Tips & Tricks