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I have a question about our USG310. We have two locations with two USG310 connected via VPN. I want the DNS server of the other location to be queried.
I made the entries in the DNS, but the DNS server are not queried over the tunnel. My question now is whether this is even possible, or whether I have a problem with the settings.

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    Hi @weite  

    4.60P1 has fixed issue which USG unable to initial DNS query via VPN tunnel.

    You may upgrade firmware to 4.60P1 first.


    Or you can add Static Route on your USG310.

    e.g. if your local LAN IP address is and peer IP subnet is

    Then you can add static route like it:

    Then USG initial traffic to will pass into VPN tunnel which you established.

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  • weite
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    Thanks for the fast answer. I installed the 4.60P1 and all is well. It can be so easy. =)
    Many Thanks!!!
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