VLAN setup on USG110

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This should be pretty basic, but I'm really struggling getting it to work. Hopefully someone can spot the mistake :)
My problem is that clients on a configured SSID does not get any DHCP IP address and I have not been able to get a manually set client IP address to work either. Using untagged SSID works fine.

Zyxel USG110 <-> Zyxel GS1920-48HP <-> Ubiquity UDM-Pro with Ubiquity AP's.

I would like to add an SSID using tagged VLAN10 for IoT devices.
VLAN config on USG110:

Policy Route on USG110:

VLANs on GS1920:

VLAN Port for USG110:

Port for UDM-Pro:

Does this look correct from an Zyxel perspective?

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  • mrwee
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    Fixed! Removed the static VLAN config on GS1920, now it's working :)

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    Hi @mrwee  

    After created VLAN interface on USG110, then USG send out the traffic with VLAN tag.

    So it means you have to setup correct VLAN setting and PVD(for client) on switch.

    It’s good to know you have found reason. :+1:

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