Armor G5 skills? (to add)

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Hi, I migrate my question here to get more information about the Armor G5 router.
1. It is not possible to turn off only the wifi 2,4 while I would like to have turned on only the 5ghz.
2. It would be useful to add the port aggregation (trunking to 2.5ghz) function: 1gbit, important for those who use a nas qnap like me.
3. I can remotely manage some functions through the app but the Zyxel server, as a cloud service does not seem to work, by entering the mac address manually it does not see the router, maybe there are some programming errors.
4. Some words translated into Italian must be correct.
5. Implement auto restart day by day.
6. The firewall function is immature, the rules are generic and unclear: it is recommended to indicate in the list accept reject (actually all yes or all no).
7. It can be fun but not essential: being able to choose by setting the LED colors. I saw from the main menu that some panes are blank

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  • Scorpione
    Scorpione Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    edited January 8
    ...and add into the forum the possibility to delete a post if one do an error :)

  • Zyxel_Jerry
    Zyxel_Jerry Posts: 402  Zyxel Employee

    Dear @Scorpione,

    Thanks for your suggestion on Armor G5.
    We'll evaluate the feature.

    Best regards,

  • Scorpione
    Scorpione Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    edited January 15
    Nice thank's
    (ah i have tested the samba's service: unsecure make on smb1, actually is 2 or newer smb3 and the usb fat32 are seen correctly, if ntfs is not recognized-showed. I use a Nas and i no need it but consider in the future some fix) :)
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