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I have a sendgrid account and would like to use it as SMTP server when configuring my USG60 firewall.
Problem is that the api key that sendgrid issue to me is 70 characters long and the password field of the SMTP authentication only allows a password that is 63 characters.

Can you add support for longer passwords in the software?

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  • Zyxel_Jeff
    Zyxel_Jeff Posts: 162  Zyxel Employee

    Thanks for your reply.
    Currently, we support the maximum e-mail password length of 63 characters.

  • dhvik
    dhvik Posts: 2
    Yes, that I understand. My question is rather, if and when you will support passwords longer than 63 characters (like the sendgrid issued password around 70 characters.
  • yeah, have the same issue. SendGrid uses an APIKey of 69 characters. So I can't use our corporate sendgrid account. Why is the password length so limited. 63 characters is enough for normal passwords, but apikeys are most often used (since using office365 user accounts is blocked because of MFA that is inplace).

    Can this password field for the SMTP auth please be updated to 70 or more characters. Make it 128 then you will be safe for most apikeys, but why nog 255 as most varchar's are :-)
  • Zyxel_Jeff
    Zyxel_Jeff Posts: 162  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @Interpulse_Admins

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    Currently, we support the maximum password length of the e-mail is 63 characters.
    We will put this idea to idea section for our future development evaluation.

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