What kind of the behavior does Aurora’s power button have?

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Use the power button on the top panel to turn the Aurora camera on or off or set the Aurora camera back to its default setting.

1. When the Aurora camera is on

I. Power Off
  • To turn the Aurora camera off, press the power button once and release it. You then hear one beep.
  • If the Aurora camera hangs, perform a hardware shutdown and have the Aurora camera turn itself off without going through the normal shutdown process, press the power button for about 10 seconds of until the LED is off, then release it.
II. Reset the Aurora camera
  • Press the power button until you hear two beeps (after about five seconds), then release it.
  • This reset the Aurora camera to the factory default configuration. This means that you will lose all configurations that you had previously, such as Wi-Fi SSID, recording schedule and video password, while the existing videos remain on the aurora camera's storage.
2. When the Aurora camera is off.

I. Power on

  • Press the power button once and release it to turn on the Aurora camera. When the system is on and ready, you will hear one beep.

Note: The Aurora camera turns on automatically when it is connected to appropriate power source.

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