[NEBULA] New Patch for Nebula Switch Released Announcement

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Dear Nebula Users,

In order to solve the event of Nebula Switch (NSW) being disconnected from Nebula Control Center (NCC), we have released a new patch for it.



Resolved the issue of NSW being disconnected from NCC due to server IP changed, you will experience in the below symptoms,

•        Device SYS and ALM indicators are blinking in green and red, respectively.

•        NSW is in offline status on NCC.

•        Received NSW offline alert email if alert mail sending toggles on.

•        There’s no network operation impact during this time and only device management and monitor services of NSW are affected by the network administrators.

If you have already encountered the above symptoms, please power cycle your NSW. The process of power cycle will take around 5 minutes before the device is ready and will have a momentary network downtime.

After NSW is power cycle, it will be controlled by NCC again. NCC will upgrade the device's firmware according to the “Upgrade time” settings which is set to Sunday 12:00 am, i.e. October 8th, and follows local time zone configured at your site by default. However, the firmware upgrade implies a reboot of your device. So, in order not to affect the operation of your business, we suggest you change the "Upgrade time" to different day. Or select “Schedule the upgrade to” option to postpone the update date within six months.

At last, we apologize for any service impact and inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,
Nebula Support Team

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