How to add your new camera to My Cameras list in Aurora APP?

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1. Tap Add Camera to add new camera.

2. If the Bluetooth is not turned on, then the APP will ask the user to turn the Bluetooth fucntion on. Till the function is on, then the desciption will become ready and the user can click Next to go next step.


Note. If the Bluetooth is on before click Add Camera, then this step will be automatilly skip.

3. Follow the steps of Hardware Connection and swipe left your screen to last page and click Next.


4. Check the camera LED is blink blue, then click Next button.

5. When detected the camera, the Aurora Camera LED color will change and blinking, check color and tap the color of camera, then click Next button.


6. Choose the SSID and enter the Password and click Activate.


7. Camera is connecting to Wi-Fi network.

8. Connecting to cloud.

9. Setting camera.

10. Add your camera success.

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