uBlock Origin - My favorite ad blocking extension for a faster and safer Internet

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Hello everybody, I thought I'd share one of my favorite ad blocking extensions, uBlock Origin, to help you guys get a faster and safer Internet web surfing experience. Why does does it speed up and make you safer? Well...
  • It doesn't load the ads, saving you bandwidth and time!
  • Some ads can be malicious, so because it doesn't load, you'll less likely not get infected with a malicious software!
Cool right? Best of all, it's free for all the major web browsers, click below to grab it:
Now before you get excited in installing this ad blocker, we want to let you guys know that if you use ad blocking, you may impact on a wide range of web content creators. Web content creators like: bloggers, YouTubers, news reporters, podcasters, and many more will not earn ad revenues from you the viewers like yourself, so if you particularly enjoy certain contents for those creators, please white list them in your ad blocker to continue supporting them. Alternatively, if your favorite web content creators offer paid subscription/donation options, you may go with that instead.

Hope you guys found this useful and happy connecting!

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