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i just got the zyxel EMG2926-q10a, i cannot log into it hardlined in to my computer with the it times out. i cannot sign into it wirelessly either bc the factory password on the back is 4 digit and it dosent even give you the connect option until 8 characters have been entered. ANY CLUE???


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    Did you check your PC get IP from EMG2926-Q10A? Since EMG2926-Q10A support auto-ip change that EMG detect same subnet with root AP, it will change IP to That might the reason you cannot ping
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    @Me36 Thanks for you choose Zyxel model. As your question, I would like to suggest you find ISP or local support for helping. Since different ISP might use different lan IP/PW...etc customize setting. You might get those information from your ISP, thanks.

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