How do I disable my firewall???

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I have a Model VMG1312-B10B that I have a service in the Dominican Republic through Claro, my service provider.  As I am in the 3rd world, I cannot make a simple call to disable this, and I need to because it is interfering with my Vonage account, which allows me to make calls to the US and Canada for business purposes.  I have lost already 7 days because of this, since my modem was replaced with this ZyXEL model due to a hurricane Maria causing the old one to short out..  Need help ASAP.  Thanks in advance


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    Many thanks for you choosing Zyxel product. As your question, I might suggest you to find your ISP or local support for your concern. Since VMG1312-B10B is not consumer device, so it might has customize setting at different country/ISP. Therefore, please kindly find your ISP/local support to resolve your question. Have a nice day!

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