NBG6515 Samba server

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If I mount  USB disk connected to NBG6515 router on Windows PC as a remote disk it says it has FAT32 file system. Which is not very convenient because I am unable to upload large files due to FAT32 limitations.

Is it possible to change this behavior? 




  • Zyxel_Sally
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    Currently NBG6515 USB file system could support FAT16/ FAT32/ NTFS/ EXT3. NTFS should could provide you more large file to store. Thank you.
  • Rory
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    What's the capacity of your USB disk?

    You can try to use following steps:
    1. Store the data of USB disk to other place, such as NAS, PC
    2. Format the USB disk as NTFS via your Windows PC
    3. Store the data to USB disk
    4. Connect the USB disk to NBG6515
  • desmbr
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    My disk is already formatted to NTFS :) I don't understand why I see it in Windows as FAT.
  • MMrr
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    How about try to format it again?
    Do you have another USB disk for checking? Maybe the USB disk already has some problem.

  • desmbr
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    The disk is alreadyy formatted as NTFS.