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  • Spikey24
    Spikey24 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    I have a ZYXEL NAS542 begin this year. Until now very satisfied. Works well.
  • Ramus
    Ramus Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    I have a Zyxel NAS 520 with 2x6tb..... and work the now 2 years :-)
  • ztlj01
    ztlj01 Posts: 1
    First Anniversary
    I have a Zyxel NAS540 and with 4 x 1TB and it works great    for mixed use  as NAS for   media server and as target for Macrium  Reflect to backup home PCs.
  • matzecool
    matzecool Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    I have a NAS540, but since Firmware V5.21 a lot of features like secure Webdav (Https / SSL) do not work anymore, even after a complete reset!!! :-(
  • WMM
    WMM Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    edited October 2017
    I use a NAS 520 with two 3TB Western Digital. I activated Memopal and use it as automatic backup.
  • sowndmanpfn
    sowndmanpfn Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    EMG3425-Q10A Wireless AC MU-MIMO 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Gateway with USB ports.
  • Melos87
    Melos87 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    Zyxel NSA315v2 with 2 wd 3 Tb!  
  • spv0
    spv0 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    SBG-3300-N and VMG3926-B10A 
  • superbius69
    superbius69 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    Zyxel VMG1312-B10A. Works beautifully. Slightly slow on boot up though. Could some 1 tell me how i find the log on properties please. tks
  • TimC
    TimC Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    I've a NAS326 with 2 WD Red 2TB drives & for the money it's performance is excellent.
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