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  • Maximus
    Maximus Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    I have a ZyXEL Powerline AV 500 Mbps Wall-Plug Adapter w/AC Pass through (PLA4215)
  • stanley70
    stanley70 Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    I have a NSA325 with one WD Red 2TB. Works great in my home network.
  • hebernl
    hebernl Posts: 0  Freshman Member
    I am using my USG60 and loving it. I can not wait to get my hands on AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System. Hopes it comes to The Netherlands soon
  • I have a nas325 and a pla4225 which just died. Rip... Plus my other pla5215 which is no use till I replace the other. Been good till now
  • JRRuss
    JRRuss Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    NAS326 equipped with two HGST Ultrastar 3TB drives.
  • Seedy
    Seedy Posts: 1  Freshman Member
  • darabaf
    darabaf Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    NSA325 with 2 3-TB Seagate Drives for more than 7 years
  • JackRyan_ch
    JackRyan_ch Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    Zywall 2 replaced by Zywall USG 20W replaced by Zywall 110
    GS105B, GS1100-16, GS1900-24
    NWA1123 (didn't work very reliably, replaced by an Asus AP)

  • Snixy
    Snixy Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    I have a trusty NSA310, which has been streaming my music flawlessly to my Sonos for years now! And keeps my backups safe too :smile:
  • TravisATX
    TravisATX Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    Zyxel 8-Port Gigabit Switch GS1900-8HP
    Zyxel High Power WiFi 2x2 Access Point NWA1123-ACv [3 pack] Now I just need to upgrade my router.
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