How to portforward my zyxel VMG8924-B10A to show a localhost

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Hey, for testing purpose i am attempting to set up a localhost that is accessible from the open internet.
I have a domain name that i want to link this with. I have setup a Xampp server so that whenever the domain name or router ip is typed in the browser, that leads me to the router admin login. 

I need help to setup a port forward that such requests will return my localhost Xampp server website, how do i do this?
In the router management i have went into: Network --> NAT --> Port Forwarding --> "Add"
i've used TCP, put port 80 on all ports and entered my PC's static IP hoping that it would go and forward it to show the localhost.
But i only get shown the router admin login, what do i do wrong?


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  • duggyfresh
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    I'm only guessing here but I would imagine you would have to configure your router interface to respond on a port other than 80 in order that it ignores the incoming request and allows it to be passed to the appropriate internal IP address.
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    Maybe you could try Network --> NAT --> application --> "add new application"
    You can select the application forwarded to web server.

    Hope this could help you.

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