VMG1312-B10D PROPER Factory Reset

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I have a second-hand VMG1312-B10D that I would like to use with a digital mixer and a PC. I have performed a factory reset that seems to have completed successfully.

The default router login password after a factory reset (1234) is not recognised and I believe that the ISP that originally supplied the router to the previous owner may have loaded a custom firmware that included an unknown (to me) password.

Is it possible to restore the firmware to the original factory default (admin,1234) without having access to the web/telnet interface of the router, e.g. USB key or some such? If not, what options do I have to gain access to it?

Regards and thanks in advance for any information.


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  • Ansa
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    if the isp changed the password, maybe you need to check with the owner.
    It looks like that there is a customized firmware inside that device
  • duggyfresh
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    Thanks for the reply. I agree about the custom firmware.

    Unfortunately, I bought it from a charity store and they don't have a record of the original owner. Hence my question about how to install a new firmware without access to the web interface. :)

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