Are there security updates for Zyxel products regarding KRACK attack vector in WPA2 protocol?

tidyho Posts: 4  Freshman Member
  as I asked in the header, I'm concerned about the WPA2 protocol flaw known as KRACK (CVE-2017-13077, CVE-2017-13078, CVE-2017-13079, CVE-2017-13080, CVE-2017-13081, CVE-2017-13082, CVE-2017-13084, CVE-2017-13086, CVE-2017-13087, CVE-2017-13088)

See here 
(link to ars technica article).

More specific: is the Armor Z2 affected, and if, when will a patch be released?

Thanks in advance,


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  • MMrr
    MMrr Posts: 31  Freshman Member
    Answer ✓

    Armor Z2 is immune,
    Zyxel already have statement for WPA2 protocol vulnerabilities,
    you can find it as below:
  • tidyho
    tidyho Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    Thanx, Kitty!
  • Beat19
    Beat19 Posts: 6  Freshman Member

    I have just read that statement.

    The patch firmware is scheduled to be released in Feb 2018??? Are you kidding???

    This is like the locksmith would tell you: "Your door is unlocked and you lost your key? No worries, I will show up in 4 months..."

    Many other vendors have already released a security update or have one scheduled to be released within days. I still hope that this is a joke. Please confirm!

  • Beat19
    Beat19 Posts: 6  Freshman Member
  • Fredzoul1
    Fredzoul1 Posts: 97  Ally Member
    Welcome !
    With Zyxel, it's never a joke man ! You have to wait long time :-)
  • Zyxel_Kelly
    Zyxel_Kelly Posts: 40  Freshman Member

    We appreciate you’re taking the time in writing your feedback ,
    we've taken note all of these and we plan release urgent patch firmware for affected products,
    we will update the schedule on announcement.

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