VMG5313-B10B - Upgrade to Lastest Firmware

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Hello everyone!
Some issues occur when I try to upgrade the firmware of my modem (model VMG5313-B10B).
Currently, the firmware V5.11(ABBV.0)b13_20160525 is installed in my system and I'd like to upgrade it to 
the lastest firmware published on your site (5.11(AAYY.3)C0.bin or 5.13(AAYY.3)C0.bin).

When I try to upgrade with one of these versions (5.11(AAYY.3)C0.bin or 5.13(AAYY.3)C0.bin) an error occurs, saying that these are illegal images.
I try to upload from Chrome and Firefox but nothing has changed.

Someone can help me?
I search into the log file but there are no posts/information related to the upgrades attemps.

Some other information that can be usefull.
I'm writing from Italy and I have Wind/Infostrada as ISP.
I have a VDSL2 connection and my ISP gives me the modem.
When I asked to my ISP how to upgrade the modem, they told me to ask you.

Thanks a lot.


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  • Rory
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    The firmware version is different.....
    v5.11(AAYY.3)C0 is standard firmware of VMG5313-B10B,
    and your firmware version is V5.11(ABBV.0),
    maybe your version is customized for ISP,
    you can check it first.

  • Exelcius
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    Thanks for your reply Rory.
    I also think that my modem is customized for my ISP and I see that the version are different, but when I asked my ISP information on how to upgrade my modem, they answered me to contact directly the manufacturer to ask the right procedure to upgrade (so, I suppose that I can also upgrade to the lastest firmware). Maybe my modem is not upgradable due to the ISP customization but, maybe, exists a firmware version compatible with my modem.
  • Rory
    Rory Posts: 120  Ally Member

    As I know,
    the upgrade feature of customized firmware almost be controlled by ISP,
    they use remote management technology for management purpose,
    such as software/firmware image management, status/performance managements and diagnostics.
    Therefore I suggest to check with your ISP again. ;)

  • Ansa
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    Hi Exelcius,
    You might be able to find how to upgrade the firmware from below user guide I found.

    However, I can't find the firmware ID you mentioned.
    Maybe you could ask your service provide (Wind Italy) to provide the latest firmware version to you.

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