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Is this model still supported?


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  • Rory
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    Do you meet any technical issue?
    Did you get this device from ISP?
    If yes, then I suggest you can contact your local ISP first,
    because it may work with customized firmware.
    If not, you can try to describe it,
    maybe we can find out solution with other forum members.  :)
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    Sorry to bring up an older thread... But I was wondering the same thing.  This is the model number my ISP recommended - though I bought mine from a seller on Amazon.  Right out of the box, it configured properly and worked 100% on the ISP's system.

    When I check the status page, see that the firmware is from 2014, and recently, I've been getting disconnects from the ISP network - without any error logs being generated.  ISP is researching, and said they've discovered errors on their back end.  But it got me thinking, perhaps there is something more current that the firmware on the box.

    ZyNOS Firmware Version: 3.70(WNE.0) | 09/26/2014
    DSL Firmware Version: Amazon_se_ADSL 16/12 5:5

    Since this model number is not among this on the Zyxel supported devices - and those that are have 'most recent' firmware dates from 2005 or older, I'm guessing I should be happy with 2014.

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