AMG1001-T10A and NBG6617 adjustments

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Hello to the community.
I just bought the AMG1001-T10A ADSL modem and the NBG6617 WIFI router and I need some help so I can make the adjustments to both machines.
The plan is to use the AMG1001-T10A only as a modem and the NBG6617 as the router for my home.

Tasos A.


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  • MMrr
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    You can connect the NBG6617 behind AMG1001-T10A,
    and simple change the WiFi configuration of NBG6617 with router mode,
    all clients connect to NBG6617, the topology of your home as below:

    Internet -----AMG1001-T10A-----NBG6617---clients
  • Rory
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    The eaZy 123 Wizard feature can help you finish basic function of NBG6617,
    you also can find the user guide as below:

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