[NEBULA] Configure NAP with 2 SSID and different VLAN

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We need configure NAP which have 2 SSID with SSID IGM (VLAN 10) and SSID Free_Login (VLAN 11) as below topology.
Previous ports that pointing to NAP status untag and NAP can be read online in the NCC.
When the port status we change to the tag for vlan 10 and vlan 11 then the NAP becomes offline or unreadable.

The configuration and NAP status as below.

Please advice.

The Topology

NAP Configuration 

NAP Status

Dashboard Status


  • Zyxel_Dean
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    Dear @Tjang

    May I know what management IP setup are you using for the both NAPs? 
    By default the management is DHCP and vlan1 untagged, could you check if your switch can allow untagged traffic after setting up VLAN10 and 11 ?


  • Tjang
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    Dear Dean,

    The management DHCP IP in VLAN 20. 

  • Zyxel_Dean
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    According to your description, I think the problem is you are using untag traffic for AP management.
    After you enable tagged VLAN the port becomes a trunk port and your AP management is not accepting tagged packets. 

    My suggestion is,
    1. First recover the network for the APs, get it back online.
    2. Then, go to "Access point" page and select an AP, click the edit icon for mangament IP
    3. configure the management to "tagged" then save. (refer to below screenshot)

    4. After saving, the AP management should be now only accepting tagged packets from VLAN20
    5. Now, enable the tagged VLAN10/11 and 20 on your switch port. The AP should be sending DHCP requests on tagged VLAN20 interface.  

    Please try with the above steps, also may I know what is the model of the switch you are using?

  • Tjang
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    Dear Dean

    The config had already working well. Thank you for your help and support

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