zyxel p-2602rl-d1a Without a DSL connection?

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Hi people,

I'm hoping someone can help or provide a bit of info.

I have a zyxel p-2602rl-d1a adls router with voip. But, I don't have an adsl connection, what I'm hoping to do is connect the lan port to my existing router and pick up an Internet connection from there to allow me to use the voip function with my phone.

I've turned many adsl routers into access points before by turning off DHCP, assigning them a static ip outside of the DHCP range of the main router, turning off firewalls...

In short, can I give this router connectivity to the outside world without a DSL connection?

Upto now I've given it an IP address, turned off DHCP and firewalls. Using the diagnostics on the routers admin page I can ping other devices on my network, but not the outside world.

Any advice would be much appreciated, even if it's a definitive NO, at least I'll know not to waste any more time on it. (Although I do like NO's with explanations :p)


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    Maybe you could try to disable the NAT on P-2602 and check if you can ping outside world.
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    Hey Ansa, thanks for the reply :)

    i've disabling NAT now but still the same problems pinging the outside world. I am presuming that the fact I can't ping the outside world from the diagnostics page of the router setup does indeed mean it's not recognising an Internet connection. I have put in my sip data and the phone isn't working, so I'm guessing it's a lack of connectivity but I don't know another way to test
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    It seems that if there is no DSL connection, the SIP traffic can't go through the LAN port to the main router

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