LTE3301 stability problem

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I have bought an LTE3301-Q222 LTE router to my parent's house. A month ago we changed our ISP to a mobile ISP so now we use a 4G SIM for our internet connection.

It's not stable. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I thought the firmware upgrade might solve it, so I did it. It is upgraded to the latest and it is still unstable.
The same card in my WAH7706 works faultlessly and stable.

Might that be a configuration problem (I do not think so.... but might be)?


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  • hoover
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    Just made a test today with a large wetransfer download. The speed "waves". Goes up, down, up, stops, up. Almost constantly changing. The same SIM with my Zyxel WAH7706 is stable.
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    Hi hoover,

    You can follow steps to check if it's related to LTE3301 or sim card. Please share screenshot and picture. Then we might have a discussion.

    Method 1:

    1. Insert the SIM card in the LTE3301 and then power up LTE3301

    2. Wait for 2 minutes.  Access the web GUI. Type in the browser, press “Enter” key.

    3. Go to the LTE Modem Status page (web GUI > Monitor > LTE Modem Status).

    4. Print screen to the LTE Modem Status 


    Method 2:

    I suppose the SIM card inserted into the LTE3301 is with a SIM adapter (a frame outside of a micro SIM card), please take a picture of that SIM card with adapter. 

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    I have the same issue on different LTE3301, with different ISPs on different locations. I think, there is an problem with the LTE3301. They have worked fine at the beginning, since summer I get into these kind of troubles.

    I hope someone have a solution.

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