Router sometimes drops internet connexion

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Occasionally my AMG1202-T10A loses its Internet connexion, and the only way to get it to reconnect is by resetting it (by sticking a pin in the back).  I was wondering if I should update the firmware, but the Zyxel site doesn't seem to have any firmware for the AMG1202-T10A (it does for the AMG1202-T10B).
How should I fix this problem?


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  • Rory
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    What's the firmware version in your device at present?
  • PJM
    PJM Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Thanks for getting back to me.
    The current firmware version is 1.00(AAAM.1)D0_20120223 .

  • MMrr
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    I got FW from Zyxel support team in 2016,
    maybe you can try it,
    you can check your inbox message.

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