How to configure a ZyXel VMG8324-B10A as a router only?

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I have a working internet connection and several devices that are now connecting via WIFI but that i would like to connect with a cable because i have lots of interference from neighbouring WIFIs
I have an (old) ZyXel VMG8324-B10A modem that i would like to use for this : give it the existing internet connection (connecting it with a cable) and connecting my other devices to it.
I have no idea how to configure it to do this however.

The subnet i have at home is in the 192.168.178 range.


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    What's the FW version? 
    Do you mean you need VMG8324-B10A to assign IP for LAN devices? (your clients will get IP as 192.168.1.X)
    VMG8324-B10A can get internet from WAN port and provide it to your device with LAN 1-LAN 4.

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