VMG8324-B10A 'VOIP Is in use' cant make/receive voip call

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We have a VMG8324-B10A that utilizes Exetel VOIP.
Occasionally, at seemingly random times, calls cannot be made to or from the VOIP number.
When i try to call the number, it either rings out (does not ring on their end) or the call ends immediately afterdialing the voip number.
While this is happening, attempting to edit the SIP settings in the VMG's UI gives me a message saying "VOIP is in use, voice configure changes will take efffect after the call ends"
It seems like a call is 'hung' even though there are no active calls in progress - and no record of an active call within the VMG's UI.
This issue occurs until the VMG is power cycled (Then eventually happens again after either a few hours, few days or few weeks)
SIP ALG is disabled, the SIP settings are correct as it works fine outside of having this problem.

This same issue occurs on all VMG's using VOIP. I have tried upgrading the firmware to every latest release since AAKL.15 - AAKL.19.


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    Hi CJB,

    You mentioned “Exetel VOIP”, so you connect it via LAN port, not FXS, right?
    Did you try to reset the device back to default or change another phone to check if the issue still happens? Before you make a call, is dial tone of phone normal? 

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